The Stockholm Bankruptcy Database Project 1687-1849

Klas Nyberg (Uppsala Universitet / Sweden)

The project´s intention is to create a relational database covering cases of bankruptcy in Stockholm between 1687 and 1849. Investigating cases of bankruptcy in Stockholm in the early modern era is a
time-consuming activity due to the fact that the source material is largely unavailable for large-scale analysis. The total information regarding each case of bankruptcy is stored in a number of different
archival series, making information capture difficult and inefficient. The project will use an intelligent balance between manual registration of certain archival series, and high definition scanning of other
series, to create a relational database. It will enable researchers to analyse large-scale shifts affecting the economical and social networks active in Stockholm in the covered period, and to study the process on a micro-level as well.

How different enterprises were financed during the early modern period  – and the role of personal credit – is a major international research field which has attracted a lot of attention in recent years.
The database created in this project will enable resarchers to answers some of the questions that are attached to the field. The database will – as far as possible – use international coding to make it available for overseas use. The database is created in a collaboration between Uppsala University and Stockholm City Archives.